Bedfordshire Care Group

Bedfordshire Care Group is a membership organisation that aims to create a collaborative network of experts in the care sector. They approached us to help launch their organisation with a clear brand and website. The purpose of the site is to provide information for social care providers and people who are interested in finding out more about social care in Bedfordshire.

For the logo the client wanted to base the design around an iconic feature of the city of Bedford. Along the river is a well known foot bridge that they wanted to use as the primary feature. We explored several illustrative styles and formats and settled on the final simple icon design.

The website needed to be clear and straight forward for users. Visitors to the site are likely to be those who work in the care industry and are aware of the care group organisation. Overall the site needed to make sure visitors were informed of the important information and updates but not overwhelmed with content.

The site has a news feed for the latest information, thought certain content needed to be restricted for members of the group only. In order to have this certain sections of the site are password protected. Visitors can register to gain access but their accounts much be approved by site administrators, helping to create security of information.


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