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Gemini DJ and Pro Audio has returned to the UK in partnership with a new distributor. In order to launch itself into the marketplace they required a dedicated UK site that could serve to promote products and allow their customers to purchase stock online.

The online shop is only meant for retailers and not for direct sale to customers. In order to fulfil this we built a site that has products that can only be purchased when a visitor is logged into the site using their account. On the normal site visitors would see the RRP for products, while account holders can purchase items at trade price.

Gemini has an already well established visual style. We wanted to make sure the new site sat along side that style but at the same time evolved it and modernise it.

The new website overall has a slick and modern feel. We kept the visual style clear and clean with a few extra touches of movement, layers and interactivity to add depth and engagement to the website design.

There are several features the website required from the client. As Gemini was launching in the UK they wanted lots of opportunity for feedback and communication with their customers. The launch didn’t feature the full range of Gemini products so they wanted a place where customers could express interest in products currently not available. This gave them valuable data about how to expand.

On the product pages they also wanted space for promotional videos to demonstrate products. They have an extensive back catalogue of videos and wanted to be able to utilise them.

Gemini UK are a distributor and don’t directly sell to customers. Instead they sell to retailers who then sell to customers. They wanted a feature on the site where potential customers can find their nearest retailer, so we developed this map function that plots their retailers across the UK.


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