Henry’s Superstore

Henrys Superstore has been in operation in the UK for many years. It had been working through an eBay front for the last year, but wanted a dedicated website for sale of their goods. The company specialise in electronics, particularly audio equipment, and needed a ecommerce site that showcased the huge variety of products they have available.

The online shop sells products from many suppliers and manufacturers direct to customers. Due to the scale of products available on the site there needed to be clear categorisation and easy navigation.

For quick and easy navigation on the home page of the site we designed a grid of links to the primary product categories. Each section of the site is colour coded for clear distinction.

The product pages need space for various technical product information along with images and product videos. To best display all this information we built the site with a tabbed content section so users can quickly view the information they want.


Henry's Superstore home page Henry's Superstore product list Henry's Superstore product list Henry's Superstore product example page

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