IMG Stageline

IMG Stageline is a brand of Monacor International, who provide stage sound and lighting equipment. The UK branch of IMG Stageline wanted a new website to help promote their services. The design of the site needed to sit well with the established visual style of IMG Stageline and form a key part of their overall brand image.

The site has several features to show key information. Though the site doesn’t directly sell products, they needed to provide information about the products they have available. IMG Stageline run a much larger site for their head office so it made sense to utilise this content that was already out there. The product buttons all link to the parent site so visitors can find out more and find out where they can buy items from.

Another key feature for the site for to highlight and promote their Platinum Dealers. IMG Stageline sell to suppliers rather than sell direct to customers. They have a network of Platinum Dealers across the UK where end users are able to buy their products. Promoting these dealers is key to boosting sales.

For each Platinum Dealer there is space for a short bio of their business and a link to their website. This appears as you hover over the dealer.


IMG Stageline website home page IMG Stageline website products page IMG Stageline website about page IMG Stageline website stores page

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