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You might have looked into the cost of SEO and immediately balked at the idea. Keeping up with high monthly fees for such a service might be more than you’re willing to do, but what’s the alternative?

SEO can seem daunting. Managing SEO yourself can feel like an impossible task, but this is where our SEO training comes in. Our training courses give you the foundational knowledge you need and a strategy to follow.

We regularly run group training courses, with our next starting on the 30th October. The course goes into depth of elements you can focus on as well as help create a strategy for your SEO marketing. The course is just £45 per member.

It all starts with a 1 hour online training session, which is then followed up with an exercise sheet each day of the coming week to help you put what you’ve learned into action. Each exercise is simple, with links to helpful resources.

To find out more and sign up to joining our next course fill out our sign up form below!