Your brand – 4 essential elements

5 May 2017

Whether you’re revamping your company image or launching a brand new business fresh into the marketing, it’s important to make sure your brand image is ready to go. If you launch your business without a brand your company won’t have a clear visual identity. Your brand is incredibly important as it forms the face of your business. If your brand isn’t unique in your industry and well designed you will fall short in the eyes of your customers.

A brand image is unavoidable, so it’s important to get it right. When you think of the word ‘brand’ many people just think it’s just a company logo, but it’s so much more than that. Don’t sell your company image short by assuming getting a logo will be enough. There is a great deal to plan and consider but here is a list of a few essentials you should definitely have set as part of your brand as well as your logo:

1. Colour palette

During the finalisation of your logo you’ve probably discussed colour options and made some decision about what colours you’d like to use. Most people have an idea of what colour they want their company logo to be going into the design. However, beyond the logo many people don’t think about the use of colour. A good practise is to create two palette; a primary colour palette and a secondary palette. Your primary colours are those used in your logo, calls to action etc. and your secondary palette is used for support elements. Having these colour ways set ensures consistency and that all colours used complement each other.

2. Type

Agree on a corporate typeface and stick to it. Use a type style that suits your industry, sits well with your logo type and matches your company image. Serif type tends to express formality and heritage so if that’s not you then avoid it. Be sure it represents your business. There are so many options out there so look around and explore styles. Many organisations use multiple typefaces for different purposes so you don’t need to completely limit yourself. Also when picking typefaces check how you can use them. Can you use it on websites and digital media? Not all type can be so be careful. Ask yourself how you will be using it and make sure it can be used that way.

3. Images

When it comes to creating promotional material and marketing you will likely be using images and/or illustrations to create these. When it comes to photography and illustration there are loads or different styles out there. Having a set style will form part of your company brand image. A well established image style for your business can be as recognisable as your logo. Once you have an agreed upon image style create a library of images you can start using. Keep expanding this library as you can. Having an image library from the start takes the pressure off collecting content for tight deadlines and means you can stay on brand.

4. A plan

Now you have your new brand how are you planning on using your brand? Consider what your communication channel you want to use and consider how these are going to look. You don’t necessarily need set templates to follow but having examples or rough layouts can be a great tool to ensure consistency and quality.

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