Should you revamp your website

5 May 2017

Having a strong online presence is an essential part of any business in todays market. The power of the internet is unquestionable and is often the first point of call for most of your clients. If your business is not available or your website doesn’t hook your audience then you will lose customers.

However, many businesses create a website at the start and then never change it. After the initial launch of your business and you’re in full swing many people forget to review and revamp their website. Though you might think haivng a site up is good enough, the internet is ever changing and evolving world that you need to adapt to.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to review your company website ask yourself these questions:

1. When was my site built?

It’s a pretty obvious point but technology is always changing and updating. Your website is viewed on devices that are regularly replaced using software that is frequently updated. If your website was built several years ago then it’s unlikely that the technology it was built for is still being widely used. Though these technology updates are usually subtle, over time these become big changes. As a general practice you should revamp your website after no longer than five years, but ideally sooner. Technology is always improving so don’t fall behind!

2. What does my site look like on mobile devices?

A rapidly increasing amount of internet browsing happens on mobile devices. In fact mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop browsing! Due to this it’s common practice to design and build websites with mobile as a priority. If your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices it’s essential to review and update your site.

3. What are my competitors doing?

Keep a close eye on your competitors and their websites. Any potential customers are likely viewing and comparing your businesses via your websites. If your site looks noticable older, harder to navigate or faulty those customers are likely to go elsewhere. Be sure to keep up with your competitors. As well as this, if your competitors have poorly designed sites you can easily stand out of the crowd.

If you think your website could benefit from a review and redesign get in touch. We are happy to talk with you about your company and how we can help you!

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