Partnering with local businesses

11 May 2018

It’s likely that GDPR is something that’s been preoccupying your business over the last few months. It’s been at the front of everyones minds and been the talking point for everyone. LMD Design has been no different!

Working in the marketing industry GDPR is something we’ve had to be vary aware of. Lots of our clients have been asking about how they can get prepared for the new regulation. To help tackle this issue LMD Design and Rachel Allen Marketing have partnered up to deliver seminars, clinic and one to one services to local businesses to help them plan their data gathering and processing strategy. GDPR is going to have a huge impact on marketing communications so important to get to grips with it.

Over the last few months our GDPR services have resulted in us talking to over 150 businesses, talked at 2 exhibition events and been interviewed on the radio. It’s been a great opportunity to engage with the community.

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